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EMI - GO 2027 - 1990

Interessante colect^nea com jingles das estações e com as canções que então eram êxitos, como "It's My Life" (Animals), "Don't Turn Your Back" (Jackie DeShannon), "I Can't Let Go" (Hollies), "The Days Of Pearly Spencer" (David McWilliams).

Apesar da natureza da colectânea, trata-se de uma edição oficial da EMI que colocou na contracapa o seguinte aviso:

This compilation is essentially a historical view of pirate radio in the mid '60s. Although it is undeniable that record sales and the growth of the UK record business were assisted by their existence it should be borne in mind that they did not pay record companies or publishers (PPL or PRS) for the broadcast of their material. The release of this album by EMI in no way condones the non payment of these fees.

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