domingo, 1 de fevereiro de 2015


EMI - 7243 8 56570 2 3 - 1966/1997

My Way (Jacques/Miller) - Lady Godiva (Leander/Mills) - It Is Coming Closer (Paul Jones) - I Can't Hold On Much Longer (Paul Jones) - Baby Tomorrow (Barkan/Raleigh) - You've Got Too Much Going For You, Girl (Simmons) - Very, Very Funny (Williams/Harrison) - High Time (Leander/Mills) - She Needs Company (Paul Jones) - When My Little Girl Is Smiling (Goffin/King) - Wait 'Til Morning Comes (Wilson/Oliver) - I Can't Break The News To Myself (Williams/Harrison)

Paul Jones foi uma das vozes fundamentais dos Manfred Mann.

Produção de John Burgess.

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