domingo, 13 de março de 2016


SEE FOR MILES - CM 113 - 1982

Side One

Blue Ribbons (Paramounts) - Bad Time (Roulettes) - What A Sweet Thing That Was (Mike Sheridan and the Nightriders) - Where Do You Belong (Viscounts) - Take My Tip (Manish Boys) - I Pity The Fool (Manish Boys) - This Boy Always Been True (Herd) - Funny 'Cos Neither Could I (Shotgun Express) - La, La, La, La, La (Persuasions) - You Make Me Happy (Cliff Bennett & the Rebel Rousers)

Side Two

Big Buildin' (Banshees) - Days Of Pearly Spencer (David McWilliams) - It's Getting Better (Paul Jones) - What More Can Anyone Do? (Adam Faith) - Perculiar Situation (Young Idea) - (Something About) Suburbia (Tim Andrews) - Seagull (Love Sculpture) - I Could Feel The Whole World Turn Round - (Shotgun Express) - The Day Will Come (Rod Stewart) - Bring Your Love Back Home (Soulmates with the Jet-Set)

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Rato disse...

Acho que tenho esta coletânea perdida por aí. Vou ver se a encontro para sacar as raridades que por lá andam.