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ISLAND - 86.643-I - edição espanhola (1973)


Loudwater Band - The Potter - Sweet Ruby Nite-Time (It's Time To Blow Out The Stars) - Blossom - Paul McCartney - I Think I'm Getting Over You


How Can A Woman Like You Smile - Wheels - Got To Be Me Got To Be You - Mamma - Chorleywood Bottom Rag

Todas as canções foram escritas, compostas, arranjadas e produzidas por Tony Hazzard.

Sometimes I wish that I could write a song like Paul McCartney
Everytime he does is good - it's so disheartening
Everytime I sit down to scrawl
It never turns out like Paul's does
I'm beginning to hate the style of T.H.
I wish I was McCartney.

Not so long ago I was brought up in the North of England
If you think I can't rhyme you're right - nothing rhymes with England
But if you gave the problem to Paul
You can bet your sweet life he'd solve it
There's no strings attached - got a plan hatched
To assassinate McCartney

He's the best soul singer in the land apart from Joseph Cocker
He's got a whole lotta bread, as much, I'm sure, as Lady Docker
But I got to give him his due - he's a mean cotton pickin' bluesman
'Cos he writes the songs that make me long to write like McCartney

Colaboração de João Pinheiro de Almeida

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